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10.05.2014 - 31.05.2014

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bajo el concreto . . . la selva

Bastardilla | Guache | Mazatl | Rafael Sanchez | Zèh Palito

and more works of Angela Hernandez | Ark | Azul Luna | Camilo Ara | Chirrete Golden | Colectivo Sarcofaga | Honorable Cartel | Juan Hoyos Silva | Karolina Bebop | Karol Guerrero | Kochino Niño | Lorena Skunk | Lili Cuca | Luci Lux | Malchico Nebulosa | Mateo Rivano | Marco Toxico | Pegatina Criolla | Rapiña | Saga Uno | Toxicomano | Vlocke Negro | Yescka

opening reception on the 10th of May at 7 pm.



"The jungle is where you call for it".

The exhibition is the result of an interdisciplinary examination with Central- and South American Muralismo, that deals with processes of transformation between urban and rural spaces through artistic language and symbolism. A movement that is showing , denounces and at the same time, shapes them.

These processes of transformation can be seen as an overflowing of the city - an overflow that manifests itself through the art that has been born in the city. With this exhibition a perspective about this complex interlocking is to be opened, which is coming from the city, to be spread under it, and through it.

The combination of various forms of Muralismo and techniques of Mural Art with motifs that no longer necessarily use symbols, nor imagination of the urban space, is a first characterisation of the contemporary Central- and South American Mural Art which pervades the continent. While this form of Mural Art is not especially new, nor even specifically Central- and South American, the answer to the question if it is being up to date perhaps lies in the current global crisis. This crisis demands new forms of organisation and social movements, new unions, innovative ideas or unusual connections.


Bastardilla is a thieve of the tidy bottom of corners and facades - constructor of paintings at private places that question the mutation of its inner forms. She tries to understand the public spaces spreading her thick strokes that she usually mixes with shiny sand to develop random stories in equidistant points of the planet.


Guache is active in the urban space since 2005. His mark able wall paintings and graffiti can be seen in several cities and regions of Columbia and further. His artistic approach unifies the visual crossbreeding of the Latin-American, ancestral and Afro- Caribbean popular culture. His graphic redeems the memory of the people and the cultural identity of the communities as well as the mixture in the contemporary urban stage, with techniques like graffiti and street art. Guache published together with the art-collective Bogotá Street Art the book Calle esos ojos? that shows the visual work they have made in Bogotá in the last 8 years.


“The most powerful weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

Mazatl is an activist and artist who lives in Mexico. He takes part in various collectives that move around the search for social, political and environmental justice. His art is inspired by the work of individuals and collectives who are actively fighting against oppression. Mazatl is member of the artist collective “Justseeds” as well as the “Martirs of '68 Popular Culture School“

Rafael Sanchez

In his personal exploration of paint and color, and of the Columbian aboriginal cultures, Rafael Sanchez, plastic artist from Bogotá, has started to elaborate a style that, between the sawing technique and the vegetal alchemy, traverses the limits of the natural and of the cultural, of the medicinal and the toxic, of the analogue and digital, of the ancestral and of the contemporary. The dot, from pixel to bead, is the basic unit of his translation.



Zèh Palito

Zèh Palito is an artist who has interchanged the ruins of the castles of childhood dreams, for broken walls in the streets and urban spaces. Travels through continents across the cities, remote villages, in all times to bring his art to the people and to unify the people - his work remains marked by the streets of Limerick - São Paulo- Brazil. “Under the paint, the world of fantasy lives, intertwines with everything: Colors, shapes, energies, animals, people and nature and merges in a simultaneous existence and breathe together as one… Being also a constant search of reinventing the inherent evolution, refers to the liberation of bad things, what represents the equality of men, nature and animals, to our travel companions in the cycle of life. “

The artist shares his visual mythology and thoughts about the future, that celebrates the vitality and dynamism of this chaotic, poetic world. Nevertheless, here composed by brilliant colors, geometric structures, organic abstraction and dimensional variations full of exotic and mystic dreams. /photos/zehpalito

weitere beteiligte Künstler

Angela Hernandez


Azul luna

Camilo Ara

Colectivo Sarcofaga

Chirrete Golden

Honorable Cartel

Juan Hoyos Silva

Karol Guerrero

Kochino niño

Karolina bepop

Lorena Skunk

Lili Cuca


Marco Toxico

Malchico Nebulosa

Mateo Rivano

Pegatina Criolla


Saga Uno


Vlocke Negro



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