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14.01.2017 - 28.01.2017

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urban witches not bitches #2: A Pagan Wheel of the Seasons

"We are badass, making magic with our pussies."
Lisa Lister




opening reception & calender launch 14th of January at 7pm

Urban Witches #2 is not a feminist exhibition. Rather, it exhibits a new way of seeing the Feminine.

Raw. Powerful. Painful. Exposed. Uncooked. The New Feminine is wild, intact. Undamaged by the rational mind, the New Feminine inhabits a new realm of uncivilized norms in which the Dark Feminine, so feared by patriarchy, emerges transformed.

Conceived by Vivana Druga, Urban Witches is composed of an exhibition and calendar. Eight women artists have been invited to create installation, performance and sound-based work for the exhibition.

The printed calendar, featuring eight photographic portraits of eight artists (performance artists, sculptors, costume designers and illustrators), forms the basis of the exhibition.

Each portrait symbolizes a festival or 'sabbath' in the Urban Witches 2017 Calendar / A Pagan Wheel of the Seasons, and is represented by an artist fitting the transformative energy of that season. Each portrait was created as part of a ritual during the year 2016.

The Urban Witches 2017 Calendar / A Pagan Wheel of the Seasons is based on the eight seasons of the neo-pagan 'wheel of the year' and its cycles of birth, death and renewal. The wheel of the year developed out of cross-cultural awareness in early modern Europe, influenced by Celtic traditions.

Urban Witches deploys occult pseudo sciences such as astrology reflexively and allusively, rather than as an interpretive code. The exhibition is designed as an artist's laboratory rather than a fixed entity. The calendar subverts pin-up expectations to present icons of the New Feminine.

Viviana Druga´s approach to performance and photography involves the community around her. As with her previous project, 22+1 Tarot de Berlin, she transforms friends and family into icons. Their personal characteristics determine their psycho-magical roles.

The exhibition is accompanied by performance art and sound-based events, Shaltmira will be performing tattoo art for the duration of the show. Kasia Justka will be making food and sound in her Singing Kitchen, and Rubbish Fairy animates her House of Doll.


Yule als Shaltmira / DEC 21
Imbolc als Moran Sanderovich / FEB 1
Ostara als Frau Feeger/ MAR 22 
Beltaine als Gaff E / MAY 1
Litha als Labanna Babalon / JUN 21
Lammas als Mad Kate / AUG 1
Mabon als Viviana Druga / SEP 21
Samhain als Rubbish Fairy / OCT 31

Lady Gaby
Kasia Justka / Singing Kitchen
Mad Kate
Frau Feeger
Werner Kernebeck & David Braithwaite  

Lady Gaby
Karolina Svärd